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Rend Publishing is proud to announce it's second book
and brand-new release of

“I Love You the Mostest, Mostest
by Stella Hayner

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Stella Hayner met her son, Benjamin in a dream. He wanted to be a part of the family, and would not leave her alone until she acknowledged him. This true life story follows Stella, and her ethereal visions concerning her son Benjamin and youngest daughter, Linda.

Benjamin came to visit her in the wee hours of the mornings, just before dawn; leaving Stella to spend her waking hours of the day thinking of the little boy in her dreams. He convinced her that her family was not complete without him. She prayed earnestly for her dreams to come true. Just how true they have become is beyond one’s imagination. The laughter and tears of this mother’s story along with the words of an innocent young child will leave you wondering what happens to the souls of unborn children. Be careful what you pray for and never underestimate the prayer of a child.

God is always listening!

Author Stella Hayner
Author Stella Hayner


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